Hello, I’m Sinclair, and I’m a one woman project building powerhouse, a nomadic designer, and conscious collaborator who wants to bring my brand of thoughtful, affordable design to your next project.

I’m a dual creative in both form and fashion, and have almost two decades of experience in nonprofit, project management, operations, communications, and the arts.

I create simple, inspired WordPress sites for people, professionals, small businesses, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, artists, and nonprofits. Whether you need a completely new brand, a fresh look for your current site, some spruced up content, site management, or something in between, I can get you where you want to be.

I deeply value open communication, dependability, collaboration, honesty, professionalism, and having fun while we work. My aesthetic is clean, memorable, and thoughtful minimalism, with a focus on function and creativity.

I am a digital nomad, working from Ecuador, where I make my home most of the year. When I’m not making websites, I love to write, cook, practice yoga, create costume hats, and am always making new friends and creating family wherever I go.


Making digital dreams come true

I specialize in collaborating with my clients to deliver beautiful custom digital products, creating the web presence you and your brand deserve. My design services are within reach, even for smaller budgets, and I offer payment plans so you can get the site you need at an affordable, reasonable price. Get in touch for a custom quote.


  • Custom WordPress site design
  • Theme implementation
  • Branding, concept development, and logo design
  • Content creation, blogging, copy writing, copy editing
  • SEO & Marketing
  • Squarespace
  • Regular site maintenance and updates
  • Redesign and migration
  • Data management and software implementation

Something else you need? Let’s talk about it.


Let's build something together.

Vision + Discovery

It’s our first date. Hooray us! Here I’ll begin to learn about you and your project, and how we can show the world your unique vision. We’ll talk about goals, I’ll send you a detailed survey to answer, and ask lots of questions to make sure we are a good match and on the same page. We will determine your needs for a logo, branding, and what kind of site will work best.

Scheduling + Planning

Disco! You like me, I like you. Let’s do this thing. From here, I’ll send you a formal work plan and contract, including a price quote. In order to book, I require a 50%-100% deposit to be paid in advance. This will vary depending on the scope of your project. This is when we work out price, payment options, and projected completion date. Please note that I do accept Paypal, credit, and debit cards with a 4% processing fee per transaction. For Venmo and cash, there is no additional fee. I do not currently accept checks.

Tell Me Everything

You’re on my calendar in ink, so while we wait for our start date, I want to really get to know you. You’ll receive additional instructions on how to share your inspiration, goals, and style, which will act as the guiding light throughout the design and production process.


Using your survey, inspiration board, and functionality requirements, I will send you several design layouts to choose from, deciding on the blueprints for the site.  I’ll also create an aesthetic with colors, textures, and fonts, setting the theme and tone for your project. You’ll get two revisions and I’ll make sure you’re pleased as punch with the look , feel, and performance of your site. We’re building the house and decorating it at the same time. So fun!

Site Design

Next we’ll set up hosting, and secure your domain if you don’t already have one. Once we have the foundation laid, it’s go time. I’ll ask for content and photos,  your sitemap will be finalized and we will have the framework in place to start production. Put your hard hat on, because this is now a construction zone.

Production + Launch

This is when the magic happens. All our planning and ideas come together as we finalize the build out of your project. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on scope and your feedback and cooperation. Once we get through the final approval process, we go live and blast you off onto the information superhighway. Your brand now lives in internet outer space! Make sure to show off your new website on all the social media. Tell your mom and your friends’ moms!  High five! Time to celebrate!


A sampling of my aesthetic and abilities
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Love is a Sensation


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Let's do this thing.

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